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CDT technical reports for year 2018

CDT (Centro de Desarrollos Tecnológicos), OAN division in Yebes became an independent center since 2011
Number of technical reports this year: 11
Superconductor Stripline test
J.D. Gallego, I. Malo, R. García, J.M. Hernández, M. Díez, I. López, R.I. Amils, G. Martínez, A. García, A. Barcia
CDT Technical Report 2018-1
Nanocosmos servosystem Interface Command Document
CDT Technical Report 2018-2
For further information, please, contact with authors.
K-band Interference Measurements with the Yebes 40 m Radio Telescope
M. Bautista Durán,M. Gómez Garrido, J.A. López Pérez
CDT Technical Report 2018-3
Ultra-wide Band LNAs for BRAND Front-ends: Single-ended and Balanced Approaches
Juan Daniel Gallego, Isaac López-Fernández, Inmaculada Malo, Abel García, Carmen Diez, Ricardo Amils
CDT Technical Report 2018-4
For further information, please, contact with authors.
Servosistema para Nanocosmos
C. Albo
CDT Technical Report 2018-5
Preliminary RFI measurements in LOFAR frequency range at Yebes Observatory
M. Bautista Durán, J.A. López Pérez
CDT Technical Report 2018-6
Cryogenic Q Band MMIC LNA YMQ 2002 (Test Report)
Carmen Diez , Isaac López-Fernández, Inmaculada Malo, Juan Daniel Gallego, Alberto Barcia
CDT Technical Report 2018-7
For further information, please, contact with authors.
Design of Q and W band feeds for Nanocosmos project
F. Tercero, O. García-Pérez
CDT Technical Report 2018-8
Orthomode transducer for the new W-band receiver of the 40 m radio telescope
Ó. García-Pérez, F. Tercero, S. López-Ruiz
CDT Technical Report 2018-9
SiGe microwave cryogenic low noise amplifier design YSG1
Abel García, Isaac López-Fernández, Ricardo Amils, Juan Daniel Gallego
CDT Technical Report 2018-10
Y214G 1009 and Y214G 1010 2-14 GHz cryogenic low noise amplifier report
Isaac López Fernández, Carmen Diez González, Juan Daniel Gallego Puyol
CDT Technical Report 2018-11

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